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    Who we are

    We are a travel company member of HATTA. We have a license to organize excursions and all mandatory insurance for our company, which legitimately allow us to organize and provide travel - air and road travel - for Greece and abroad.

    Who are you ?

    You are the traveler who participates in one of our travel programs either on a regulated trip or on your own or as a member or with your friendly team / club / company etc. Which should follow and accept all these procedures we publish to have the right to participate in one of our trips. Please note that these obligations you have can not be differentiated unless we agree in writing to do so.

    Our Company's Contractual Obligations

    We can change your reservation

    We never seek to make any changes to your trip since we have already confirmed all the services you have requested or described in your schedule. But because we close the various services long before the departure date and we have to do with imprecise factors, a change may be necessary. Our company has the right to make changes but this right is limited and in some cases there are financial consequences for us.
    The changes are marked as "Important" and "Insignificant". An important change is changing hotels with another lower class or departure time for more than 15 hours. If our company decides a "Major Change", it will be responsible for the good progress of the trip unless this happens when your trip is in progress. In this case, we reserve the right to do so. We will try to do the best but you will have to pay any changes to your program on the spot. If there is reason to do a "Major Change", we will inform you or your agent as soon as possible before your departure.

    Then you can choose: